In the media

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The Guardian: Choirboys sing to impress girls? Music to my ears. link
Corriere della Sera: Il cervello è in grado di capire se una musica è davvero improvvisata“. link
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The Telegraph: The secret life of a choir – fear, friendship and, of course, desire“. link
  CBS New York: Brains Work Differently to play Classical, Jazz Music“. link
The Conversation: When girls are in the audience, choir boys sing for attention“. link
  ScienceDaily:Miles Davis is not Mozart: The brains of jazz and classical pianists work differently“. link
  Gigazine: 同じ「ピアニスト」でもジャズとクラシックでは脳の使い方が違うことが判明“. link
Scientific American: Cérebros dos pianistas de jazz e de música clássica funcionam de forma diferente“. link El cerebro de los pianistas de música clásica y de jazz funciona de forma distinta“. link
  Correio Braziliense: Cérebros de músicos reagem de forma distinta ao tocar a mesma canção“. link
 Die Welt:So stark unterscheiden sich die Gehirne von Jazz- und Klassik-Pianisten. link